Pogo is a complete, open-source platform for building web and mobile apps in pgSQL and HTML.

Lightning Fast

With Pogo there is no "middle man".
It's slick, clean, and stunningly fast with zero bloat to slow you down.

Write less, do more

With Pogo's unique setup,
in 37 lines of code you can achieve what would normally take you 289!

No learning curve

Use languages you use every day.
All you need is some SQL and HTML and you're off to a flying start.

Super Secure

No source code stored in the file system. No authentication info stored in the code.
Native SQL, no SQL injection.

Allowed resources explicitly listed. Automatic user authentication as part of the stack.

Plays well with others!

Fan of React, Angular,
or Bootstrap?
No worries, we've got you covered!
Plug them in right on top of Pogo!


Open source. No cost.
Based on Postgres and Golang, both of which are open source and free.