File Structure

Pogostack source code files combine both the controller and the view parts of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm in the same file. This makes it much easier to follow the business logic of the application. The model part of the MVC is the database itself.

Check the Pogo file format below, or download source code for our To-Do App demo.

# comments here
# some more comments here

file_name (without .pogo)

*** HTTP parameters section, passed from browser forms via either GET or POST ***

parameter type default_value (for example, filter_name varchar John*)
parameter type default_value (for example, p_id integer 123)

*** Local variables section ***

    local_variable type;
    local_variable type default default_value;

*** Back end section. The MVC "Controller" part. ***

    PL/pgSQL code here, typically CRUD operations

*** Front end section. The MVC "View" part. ***

<html> or <xml> or <svg> or [ (for JSON)
    PL/pgSQL code here, typically looping over result sets
<%= showing a local variable or expression here %>
    Some other PL/pgSQL code here
</html> or </xml> or </svg> or ]